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mr world 2016

Winning moments Mr world 2016: Indian handsome hunk Rohit Khandelwal from Hyderabad has certainly made the country proud by winning the world’s prestigious title Mr World 2016. Rohit Khandelwal is the first Indian and Asian who win the Mr. World title. His father doesn’t want to pursue his modeling career, but his father doesn’t know one day his son became Mr world. Rohit does not smoke. Fernando Álvarez from Puerto Rico was the first runner-up, while Esparza Ramírez from Mexico was announced as the second runner-up.

#46 Contestants from all over the world – 12 Days – 5 Challenges/Events. And only one winner

Contestants – Mr World 2016

Country                              Contestant          

Argentina                             Robertino Dalla Benetta

Austria                                  Fabian Kitzweger              
Bolivia                                   Sebastian Molina Rivero
Brazil                                     Lucas Montandon
Bulgaria                                Kaloyan Mihaylov
Canada                                  Jinder Atwal        
China PR                              Chang Zhousheng
Costa Rica                            Daniel Alfaro Barrantes
Curacao                                 Danilo Christopher Juliet
Denmark                               Rasmus Kamaei Pedersen
El Salvador                           David Arias
England                                 Christopher Bramell
France                                    Kevin-Martin Gadrat
Germany                                Oleg Justus
Ghana                                     Selorm Tay
Greece                                    Iraklis Kozas
Guadeloupe                          Ludovic Letin
Honduras                              Abelardo Enrique Bobadilla Rosa              
India                                   Rohit Khandelwal (winner Mr world 2016)
Ireland                                   Darren King         
Italy                                        Federico Carta    
Japan                                     Yuki Sato
Kenya                                     Kevin Oduor Owiti
Korea                                      Seo Young-suk       
Malaysia                                 Mohammad Yusuf Tony    
Malta                                      Timmy Puschkin
Mexico                                Aldo Esparza Ramirez(2nd runner-up)
Moldova                                 Anatolie Jalba
Nepal                                      Ganesh Agrawal
Nicaragua                              Edson Janyny Bonilla
Nigeria                                   Michael Amilo         
Northern Ireland                 Paul Pritchard      
Panama                                  Sergio Lopés Goti
Peru                                        Alan Massa
Philippines                            Sam Ajdani
Poland                                    Rafał Jonkisz
Puerto Rico                       Fernando Alberto Alvaréz Soto(1st runner-up)
Romania                                Ion Garaba
Scotland                                Tristan Cameron Harper
South Africa                          Armand du Plessis
Spain                                      Angel Martinez Elul
Sri Lanka                               Jake Elwood John Senaratne
Sweden                                   Robin Mahler    
Switzerland                           Betim Morina   
United States                        Alexander Ouellet
Wales                                      Joseph Anthony Street

Judges – Mr World 2016

Julia Morley – Chairman and CEO of Miss World LTD.

Juan García Postigo – Mister World 2007 from Spain

Francisco Escobar – Mister World 2012 from Colombia

Carina Tyrrell – Miss England 2014

#Winner of all Events

Events Country Winner
Extreme Fitness Challenge award  Scotland Tristan Harper
Sports Challenge award  England Christopher Bramell
Multimedia award  India Rohit Khandelwal
Talent award  Poland Rafał Jonkisz
Style and fashion award  China PR Chang Zhoushen

How does anyone enter Mr World ?

If you want to enter Mr World competition, you must first win an official license of your Country. And when you have won this title. And you will be invited to take participate in the Mr world competition. If you really want to win then you should have not only good looks, but also physical strength, charm, charisma, and a strong personality.

Mr World 2016: In the following video, Rohit Just talking with all the finalists of Mr World 2016 just before final contestant. Mr India Rohit Khandelwal beats 46 finalist in Mr world 2016 competitions around the world. He got the most desirable man 2016 title at Southport.